ACE Supply Marking Flags - 4 x 5-Inch Flag on 15-Inch Steel Wire - Fluorescent Green, 100-Pack


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Product Description:

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE - Use our small yard flags to mark the boundaries of your lawn, plants in your garden, or landscaping plans. These PVC fluorescent stake flags are very visible from a distance.
  • STURDY & STABLE - Our marker flags are glued on, not wrapped, which makes them much harder to get blown away or removed. The pole itself is made of steel metal wire rather than plastic for better durability.
  • SIMPLIFIES IRRIGATION - Aerating yard? Mark the locations of sprinklers to avoid damaging them. Setting up a new sprinkler system? Use these flags to mark the location for each new sprinkler head.
  • GREAT FOR DOG OWNERS - These lawn flags are excellent for dog owners and can assist in boundary training. Use them to mark invisible fences and teach your pet to stay safe within your yard.
  • OTHER COMMERCIAL USES - Maintain workplace safety! Marking flags are essential during a ground survey for warning workers to the location of underground utility cables during construction.

Manufacturer: ACE Supply


Product Category: Safety Flags


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